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Creating Products That Truly Works 

"Many products in the market, what makes your product unique?" This is one of  the many questions that has been asked over and over again in the industry of health, beauty and wellness combined together. The truth is all products and supplements do work in someway as long as you consume it consistently for 6 months or more. The key is do we want it to be effectively helping us from day 1 when we consume it? How fast will I see the results that I want? Can children take it too? Is it natural enough? How much does it cost? Do I have to take this forever? What happens if I stop taking it? The questions continue, however there are only 3 key questions we are actually asking... 

1. Does it WORK for ME?

We Provide The Source, Cells Create The Miracle

Many companies always claim their product can do this or do that, the real truth is as long as we are eating the right source of ingredients, the body will have its natural healing power. The key being we are not taking the right ingredient most of the time. Ask ourselves this : Do we choose what we like and love to eat or what our body needs to eat? The answer to this question pretty much tells us we don't eat enough for our body's need. So to counter that, Asentar has formulated one of the most powerful ingredients as food for our cells. To Learn More Click Here.

2. Is it Natural and Safe?

Natural Ingredients With Clinical Studies

Science based clinical studies always beats marketing talk. and most companies are doing a lot of marketing talk. Asentar make sure we source key ingredients that comes with clinical studies to prove what it can do before we even consider using it. Our Red ingredient comes with human clinical studies and green ingredient comes with clinical studies on lung cancer cells. To Learn More Click Here.

3. How much does it cost?

Staying Healthy Is Expensive, Try Being Sick

Across 15 countries we have seen and heard many people asked :" Can I stop taking after a while? The most critical truth is always, when we are sick and in pain, we pay money for medical treatments and there isn't any discount to bargain with. And when we want to stay healthy and pay money for health supplements to maintain our health and body conditions so that we will not be in pain and get to do the things we want to do. So the MOST logical and smart question to ask ourselves is : " Money we have to pay either way, do we want to pay when we are in pain and sadness OR do we want to pay when we are enjoying our life to the fullest?" Most of us always choose Pay to enjoy life. the only difference is pay earlier or pay later. To Learn More Click Here.


Understanding Our Body Is The Key To Health & Fitness For Active Ageing

Reboot Express

Reboot Express is a program that allows the body to going into a Reboot mode just like the computer using Asentar Blossom, Asentar White and Asentar Max FiberGo together with the Nobel Prize Winning Strategy - Autophagy to let your body to reboot itself. To Learn More Click Here

Brightening Protection

If you are walking under the Sun and using mobile devices, then you will need our Asentar Fresh series. It protects you against all the EMF from all the tech stuff around you especially your mobile phones and from, the Sun while brightening up your skin for Active Ageing. To Learn More Click Here.

Naturally Based

Our product is so natural until children loves to eat it. Not specially design for children and yet both adults and children loves it. Individually taste it differently from sweetness to saltiness to bitterness, each phase tells you what is the state of your body and what you need to do to adjust and facilitate your body to heal. To Learn More Click Here.


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