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Your Retirement Income instead of Retirement Savings

Providing a global platform for you to build a Digital Distribution Business just like having your own 7-11 store digitally. Giving you the skillset through simplifying the entire digital marketing process to provide you with tools to build your own retirement income online and offline.  

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We Are Experts In Online Selling Offline Servicing

Sales Funnel  Development

Building a sales funnel is inevitable when comes to doing a distribution business online as well as offline. We provide the entire set up for an o2o sales funnel, shipping and delivery around the globe so that our Channel Partners can focus on business development building their distribution channel worldwide without hassles of traditional business model.

Paid And Referral Marketing Campaigns

Paid advertisement statistically having a 33% conversion however Referral sales has a 92% conversion. Today our o2o platform provides a very profitable methodology to allow all our channel partners to build a retirement income thru distribution via referral marketing to ensure higher success rate in creating a Digital Distribution Channel business. 

People Development & Training

With digital technologies comes a new set of skills that is needed for all our Channel Partners to learn and be trained. We provide digital marketing trainings, entrepreneurship training, leadership, financial and money management trainings, industries trainings as well as self development trainings to coach and guide all our Channel Partners to succeed in their business and in life.


We Help Ordinary People to Achieve Extraordinary Dreams. 

Having a dream is free. Having a dream without a plan is just a dream. But having a dream with a plan and an applicable platform to support you in building your dream is an awesome "Gift Of Opportunity". The key question we ask most of our Channel Partners are : "Do you have a dream?" , "Do you know someone who have a dream?" if they answer yes, then wouldn't it be a great way to open a door for them to see for themselves, hear it and feel it for themselves? We need someone to open doors for us in life, but we didn't know when it is truly open until we are willing to give ourselves a chance to explore. 

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Our 3 Years Journey








What Our Channel Partners Say

"Very easy to implement"

This is by far the most powerful and simple system I have ever encountered. Truly simplified the entire digital marketing set up in less then 10 seconds. The rest is just personalised it to my own name, photo, bio and affiliate Channel Partner's link for global tracking.

LeeWillie.com - 2 Stars Channel Partner. Singapore

"My conversion has increased"

With online sales funnel set up for us, my professional team of Channel Partners can use it to do offline conversion locally. Finally sales kit has never been so easily duplicated and updated from time to time. The relevance of technology integrated to our platform made it an o2o business. 

AliceChia.com - 3 Stars Channel Partner. Singapore

"Just what I needed"

With this awesome product comes an opportunity to make it great for all the partners I am working with across 3 countries. This has never been easier compare to traditional model of direct selling . Digital Distribution is the business of the future.

Reennorrainah.com - 2 Stars Channel Partner. Singapore


Business Is About Making Life Meaningful


Providing a global platform for ordinary people achieving extraordinary dreams


Providing solutions to help people solving their health and fitness conditions and financial challenges


Lead By Example is A Must Honesty Is A Start Congruency Is The Path Discipline Is The Way Execution Is Result Sustainability Is Longevity


Health . Beauty . Fitness 

Reboot Your Cells With Nobel Prize Winning Strategy

The Reboot Express Program allows the body to rest and kick into a Reboot mode while providing essential nutrients and energy for the body to clear out all excess unwanted stuff and recycle old stuff by using the Nobel Prize Winning Strategy call "Autophagy" 

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Beauty Brightening While Protecting 

Protecting your skin against the Sun and all the mobile devices has never been easier. With Asentar Fresh series from clinical proven healing Silk Mask to cleansing to moisturising with a Mist, protecting your skin 24/7 naturally for active ageing.

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Patented Ingredients With Clinical Studies

Having a healthy body is not enough when comes to active ageing. Our body must be able to continue with the fitness, agility, youth and vitality with the right source of ingredients provided as cell nutrients and energy with clinical studies to backup all its claims

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