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Establish in 2018, founded by 4 partners base on the intention of finding a powerful superfood formulation to be able to help the human cell to remove all the unwanted stuff in the body, re-strengthen the weaken parts of the body system,  repair what was being damage due to years of abused by free radicals as well as unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle.  Finally aiming to re-defence from further damage as we age actively. 

It took the team one year to finally found the 2 most powerful ingredients from the east and the west to give birth to the most powerful cell food from Singapore - the ASENTAR Blossom. Today, Asentar has consumers in 15 different countries, 4 offline offices, a manufacturing division, and having a healthy growth of 50% year on year even in this challenging pandemic.


Clinically Based Quality Assured

Clinical Studies

Science Based 

Our major key ingredients came with human clinical studies to prove what it can do specifically for the human cell in the applications on anti-aging, cardiovascular, bioavailability, skin, eye health, immunity, fertility, neurological, oxidative stress and muscle performance.  

Good Manufacturing Practice

Production Quality 

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. 

100% Natural

Nature Based

100% ingredient used are natural. From raw ingredients to capsule, we make sure everything is derive and or source from the nature's ingredients and not chemically derived.

100% Vegan

Vegetarian Based

No animal products or ingredients are used in our product. Everything is plant based in our Asentar Blossom, Asentar White and Asentar FiberGo. Even the capsules used are veggie caps. 

Heavy Metal Safe

ALS/TUV Certified

Certified heavy metal safe by ALS Singapore in accordance to Singapore Health Science Authority Standard. As Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium, are naturally present in the environment.

GMO Free

Not Genetically Modified

A product is non-GMO if it was created without any genetic engineering. This also means that any ingredients used to make a product were not genetically modified


Consumers Across 15 Countries


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